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This July, 17 youth and 9 adults from our presbytery gathered together for three days and did mission together. We started in Cortland where we worked at an animal shelter and made School and Hygiene Kits for CWS, then went to Nineveh where we cleared brush from over half a mile of trail, and finally here in Delhi, where we went up to Oneonta to visit and perform skits for the residents of two nursing facilities.

It was a great experience for all who participated, but best told in the words of the participants from our own church.


“This was my first ever mission trip, and it definitely wants to make me do it again. The best part of the trip was just the people we were with. Even though I didn’t know any of the people outside of my church, the first minute I could tell that I was with a good group of people. They were welcoming and kind, and made the trip fun.” – Miles Philion


“The mission trip our youth group took was a great experience! There were many people there who cared about others more than themselves. I think this helped our youth group recognize that people should do these things more often. This experience will help our youth group tremendously in the future.” – Ben Arehart


“Although there wasn't much about the Mission Trip that I didn't like, if I have to choose just one favorite thing it would be the morning and evening scripture readings. They were relevant to what we were trying to accomplish through the mission trip, and the discussion and/or skits that followed brought that to light. The accompanying songs and guitar music were not only appropriate to the lesson; they were also a lot of fun.” – Tom Philion


“The things I enjoyed about the mission trip were seeing youth that had never met join together for mission, prayer, reflection and meals. They got to know each other through riding in cars to Walmart, showering at the YMCA, bathing dogs, praying, worshiping and performing skits. At first they seemed hesitant, but once they worked together they were more at ease during meals and reflection time. During free time they played games, swam and talked. And for me the skits were extremely entertaining. We had some real talent! I laughed out loud at the silly jokes and the way everyone interpreted the story of the burning bush. I think the youth that were involved will remember the joy they brought to animals and the elderly among others!” – Sarah Philion


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